Creating an Agency from Scratch - Vartika’s Journey with BAP

Creating your own Agency, Business or a profitable Freelance Career is something a lot of Millenials look forward to. Chances are that you want to do

How Vartika Created an Agency that Offers Digital Marketing Services to Hoteliers

Creating your own Agency, Business or a profitable Freelance Career is something a lot of Millenials look forward to. Chances are that you want to do the same. So, how to go about building your own Business in 2021?

We will not tell you How!!

We will show you!

How did one of the students of Unhu School of Execution do it in less than 1 year?

Vartika Bhandari, the founder of Whimsical Vibe started a Digital Marketing Agency for Hoteliers.

You will not only learn how to build an agency or business but also learn about:-

  • Challenges young Entrepreneurs face
  • Major roadblock on your journey to build a profitable Business
  • How to get through the challenges
  • Best advice you will ever get about choosing a Niche

Learn all this through Vartika Bhandari's Story.

Let’s dive in.

Whimsical Vibe

Whimsical Vibe

When COVID-19 struck the whole world went into Lockdown, the travel and tourism industry was struck the hardest. People were stuck in houses and could not venture out. This was bad news for Hoteliers.

Even now, that things are much better, the Hoteliers suffer to get customers.

What did they need in times like this?

An Agency that could help them get Direct Customers.

That is where Whimsical Vibe came in

The issue was how to grow a Digital Marketing Agency for Hoteliers right after a worldwide pandemic.

Here is Vartika’s Story

“I used to love talking about travelling and reading articles related to it. “ - Vartika

Vartika started her journey when she fell in love with travelling. She always wanted to create content related to travel.

“Initially I wanted to do blogging and vlogging for travellers and make a business around that.”

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Even while she was working as a Digital Marketer at her job, she was creating content around travelling and content tailored for travellers. However, the main issue she faced was that she didn’t know how to build a business around it.

Added to that was the fact that she couldn’t invest much time along with her job.

That is when she quit her job and ventured into freelancing. This got her time on her hands, but…

The challenge was that the travel industry was in bad shape and she didn't know how to build a full-fledged business in times like this.

“ I wanted to learn how to monetize my work and wanted to explore many things. Follow my Passion.
The thing is that I knew many things but had no direction, no channel and no one to guide me. ”

That is when she got introduced to the Business Acceleration Program by Kshitij Doval.

The Transformational Journey with Business Acceleration Program

“Initially when I started about I was planning to go mainstream; providing services to travellers. The problem was everyone was doing that.
When I joined the Business Acceleration program and talked with Kshitij sir, the first thing that he told me was-
I was in a RED OCEAN.”

RED ocean?

It is a market segment where there is so much competition that it is hard to stand out.

The Solution?

Niche Down!

So now Vartika had to find a Niche where she could not only pursue her passion for travel but also make a profitable business out of it.

“ Then Kshitij Sir told me that I can provide services to hoteliers instead of travellers. There are a lot of people who focus on travellers but not so much on Hoteliers.
That is when I decided that I will Build Whimsical Vibe - A Digital Marketing Agency for Hoteliers.

Unhu School of Execution | Hall of Fame| Vartika Bhandari

How did the Business Acceleration program help her on the journey?

After Vartika had found her unique positioning, it was time for Execution. Time to get results.

Daily targets, leads, daily calls,......

The biggest hurdles she faced?

Procrastination and lack of confidence.

Anyone can teach you How to do something. What the wisdom to do what to do when can only be achieved through a mentor.

“I didn’t have much confidence to do this. I was not confident about talking about my brand and making a call. Then there were the rejections I faced during the client call. I got more rejections than success. But that is how it is supposed to be.

When I Joined the Business acceleration program and went through Mastering Communication with Kshitij Doval, I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone. That is when learnt how to be more confident with my communication skills.
And then there were daily tasks and consultations that not only set goals for me but also helped me to get over rejection and find success.”

Now that Vartika has grown Whimsical Vibe into a brand that helps hoteliers, she not only gets clients but gets a lot of perks that satisfy that Travel Lover inside of her.

“Now, I get Free invites from these Hotels and from these places where I can go and travel.”

What is your advice to other people who are trying to build their own Business?

“ The first thing is You have to understand the market and your audience. What are their problems and what solutions can you provide? Secondly, you have to Niche Down to position yourself. Finally, find a Mentor. "
"You may have a lot of ideas and even knowledge, but you need someone with experience who can guide you and help you channel all that to achieve a goal. "

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We know there are so many people out there who want to do something similar to what Vartika did in less than a year, but they lack direction and Execution.

This is where the Unhu School of Execution comes in; because we believe in Launching Winners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Acceleration Program (BAP)?

BAP is a 4-month program by Unhu School of Execution’s founder - Kshitij Doval.

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What all courses do I get in the Business acceleration program?

Unhu school of execution is not about courses but execution. So when you join BAP you don’t get just courses but a program that makes you in execution.

You get access to modules on Mastering Copywriting with Kshitij Doval, Mastering Communication with Kshitij Doval, Mastering Growth Hacking with Kshitij Doval along with many other amazing features.

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